Hi! I’m a Kid with Anxiety

Kid’s Can Have Anxiety, Too!

“Hi! I’m a kid with anxiety and sometimes it’s hard to get through a day.  I always try to be positive and happy.  When I’m nervous, I kind of feel like I’m in a tight space. I also feel like it’s hard to breathe.”

Seeing these words that my child wrote made me sad, proud and determined.  I am so sad that my child has to fight some of the same battles in life, that I have had to.  I feel proud that she is wanting to talk about her experiences to help other children with anxiety.  But most of all, I feel determined to continue to raise awareness about mental illnesses, and help end the negative stigma associated with it.

Anxiety Can Cause Irrational Thoughts in Kids, Too!

“When I had the flu, I threw up on one side of the bed.  For weeks, I did not want to go off that side of the bed.  I thought if I touched that  same side, it would make me sick again. Now I know that the bed didn’t make me throw up.”

Trying New Things Can Be Especially Hard For A Kid With Anxiety

“Trying new things, like a sport, is hard sometimes.  Starting a new grade in school makes me nervous, too. I go out for dance and I love it now – I didn’t like it at first.  I’m doing softball, now, and I get really nervous.  I get scared that I might do something wrong. I might get used to it, like I did with dance.”

“My friends are sad sometimes if I can’t sleep over at a slumber party. I don’t like to sleep at their houses because I get really nervous. I don’t like sleep overs because I’m away from my family and not sleeping in my own bed. At night, Sometimes I don’t want to go to sleep because I’m afraid someone is going to break into our house.”

Advice From A Kid With Anxiety

“Everyone gets anxious sometimes, so don’t be mad if you’re always nervous.  I get nervous a lot because I always think of the future, and not the present.  I used to go to therapy and my therapist gave me a list of things to do when I’m feeling nervous.  When I did some of those things, I became busy and not anxious.  I play with my fidget spinner sometimes and it distracts me. When you’re nervous, you should always stick with a buddy.  You can stick with an adult that you trust or a close family member. “

Help Your Child Breathe Through Their Anxiety

“If you are a parent with a kid that has anxiety, you should have your child breathe in and out slowly.” 

Breathing exercises are a great thing to teach kids with or without anxiety.  Here is a link to some very helpful instructions on how to relax your body and mind.

Excellent Breathing Exercises

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