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Anxiety & depression can be terrifying.  The number one way I learned about what I was going through was looking online to find articles that would help me. Knowing that the things I was feeling were felt by others, was the best therapy for me.

I was driving home from work one evening, when all of the sudden, intense panic struck me, like a bolt of lightening out of nowhere. My arms felt like spaghetti noodles and I was lightheaded.  I was alone and terrified.  I pulled over while trying to catch my breath.  My heart felt like it was fluttering, just like a butterfly, and skipping beats.  I thought I was going to die.  I called my mom and she talked me through it.  All of the sudden, I was fine.  I arrived home and started worrying about the way my heart felt like it was skipping beats.  Fortunately, I looked up symptoms of panic attacks, and that was one, way at the top. I felt a sense of relief. We are fortunate to have the internet, to learn, and connect with people who have similar experiences.

Whether you have questions about the symptoms you are experiencing, or simply need someone to talk to who understands, I am here for you.  I would love to share my story with you.  I will also randomly post recipes, and helpful tips to improve  your daily life.  Subscribe to my blog and stay up-to-date on my posts!  Thanks for stopping by and STAY POSITIVE 🙂