Fidget Spinners for Anxiety

Are fidget spinners helpful to those of us with anxiety?  Absolutely!

If you are an anxious person, or someone who is invaded by the dreadful panic attacks, I would highly recommend a fidget spinner.  Yes, they are cool, and all the kids want them, but beyond that, they are extremely helpful in relieving some of your built up energy.

I purchased one for my family the other day and it has been a hot commodity around here. If you suffer from anxiety or panic episodes, you will understand when I say we “fidget” a lot. In fact, I caught myself tapping my foot against the floor, in a rapid motion, while typing my post.  If I am waiting for someone, or simply watching TV, you can bet I’m biting my nails, twiddling my thumbs or wiggling my toes.

About the fidget spinner: I was very satisfied with the spinner I purchased.  The quality is excellent and it works great.  The spinner not only satisfies my urge to fidget, it’s fun, too!  I highly recommend it for children who have anxiety, as well. My daughter tends to struggle with anxiousness when she is bored. Too much time to think about things! The fidget spinner is perfect for her because she thinks of it as just playing with a cool toy, but it is keeping her mind from wandering off into the “what-if” world.

I am including the link to the fidget spinner I ordered. There are so many to choose from and I lucked into ordering from a good company with a good quality product.  I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts on the product and how they have, or have not helped you.

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